Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Avant Garde

I brought an Avant Garde for Thanksgiving. I will share it relatives as we snack on a cheese plate while preparing dinner. I had a Belgian (Stone Verital Epic 05.05.05) with Thanksgiving a few years ago and did not go very well, so I'd rather enjoy the Avant Garde before dinner. I wonder how a big double IPA would go with a Thanksgiving Dinner? Its big smash-mouth taste may be the right choice, because subtlety gets destroyed with all the various flavors at Thanksgiving. Something to try next year.

UPDATE: The Avant Garde was excellent as a pre-dinner drink. I did not get to have it with the cheese as I was picking up a relative, but did manage a glass during food preparations, and it was fantastic. Everyone commented on how good it was and wondered why I only brought one bottle. Something to remember next year, or better yet at Christmas.

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