Tuesday, May 4, 2010

San Diego Brewers' Tasting Room Snafu

I encourage you to read several posts (here, here and here) at The Lost Abbey's website about a minor uproar that roiled the San Diego brewing community late last week.  Apparently someone complained about The Lost Abbey's tasting room (not sure what the exact complaint was) and the San Diego County Department of Heath threatened to shut down all the tasting rooms in the County, unless the rooms were brought to a code they were not previously subject to (Tomme Arthur describes it better).  To make a long, complicated story short, the dust-up has been settled (State supervision of tasting rooms not County) and all San Diego County tasting rooms are now back to business as usual.    I received an email from Alesmith stating that its tasting room is back up and running.  Alesmith did not have too much to worry about because most County inspectors probably aren't working the fifteen minutes a week its tasting room is open.

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