Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Game Seven Beer Selection

Like the NBA championship game, my quest for beer before Game Seven was sort of ugly, but worked out in the end (if you're a Laker fan).  I did not make it to Alesmith for a growler fill as originally anticipated, as my meeting ran late and I didn't have the time to stop.  Instead, I went to the OB Pizza Port for a growler of Jetty IPA, but alas, this proved an impossibility because the Jetty keg had run dry.  As a backup, I selected Port's Shark Bite Red Ale.

Shark Bite is the type of red ale I like.  It is as hoppy as it is malty, which to me makes it enjoyable to drink, as I like hoppier red ales.  Shark Bite is a dry red ale, with a hint of chalkiness in the finish.   This is an aggressive red ale, but is also approachable.  It is perfect for people new to craft beer looking to kick up the flavor profiles in their beers.  Port bottles Shark Bite in six-packs, and it's available at better stores around San Diego.  (In my opinion, Shark Bite is a much better beer than Shark Attack, Port's Imperial red ale.)

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