Monday, August 9, 2010

Alpine Brewpub Opens

I'm on Alpine Brewing's email list and for the past year or so read about Alpine's struggles with getting its pub open.  Then last week, in one of Alpine's periodic emails, there was this throw away passage at the end of the email:
The Alpine Beer Company’s pub hours are 11AM to 10PM Tuesday through Thursday, 11AM to 12PM Friday and Saturday, 10AM to 9PM Sunday, CLOSED Mondays. Our tap list includes Willy, Willy Vanilly, Mandarin Nectar, McIlhenney’s Irish Red, Captain Stout, Tuatara, Hoppy Birthday, Duet, Nelson, Pure Hoppiness, Ned and 2 versions of Great. We first released Great in 2005 and then again in 2009, we have both draft versions on right now (yes we saved a keg all that time). We’ll be releasing vintage beers as time goes on, Briscoe, Chez Monmee and Chez Monieux, and 12 oz. bottles of Great. The menu is bbq themed and is really good, I would not say so if it weren’t true.
What?  The barbecue pub is open? No grand opening announcement?   No details on how the appropriate licenses and approvals were finally obtained?  This is the soft opening of the year.  Here is some more info on the pub from Peter Rowe and the San Diego Beer Blog, along with a thread on BeerAdvocate discussing the pub.


Jeff said...

I heard them say in the past they weren't going to announce an opening date or make a big deal about it since they had so many false starts. I too was pretty surprised to see the hours hidden away in that email.

Steve said...

Hit this with Jessethehutt last week. We were both supremely impressed. In the 10 months I've lived down here in SD now I've only been to Alpine once (sad, since I use to make a trip there at least every couple months when I lived in LA), and now this pub is going to get me out there at least a couple times every month. The BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich was sooo delicious!

Rational Realist said...

Steve, glad to hear the BBQ is good. I see you've found how far out of the way Alpine is when living in SD. It is a 45-minute one-way drive from my house, and there is nothing else in Alpine, or really between La Mesa and Alpine to convince my family to make a trip, especially since Alpine expanded its distribution. For some reason humoring my beer hobby is not enough justification. But the BBQ will get us out there one of these days.