Thursday, March 17, 2011

San Diego Beer Events

I make sure to read San Diego Beer Blog every Thursday (and most other days, too) as it publishes a list of beer events for the coming week, which includes tastings, releases, dinners or any other notable beer-related shindig.  It is the most comprehensive list that I know.  The San Diego Union's Peter Rowe has long been the champion and source of San Diego beer events.  Rowe now puts his list on his beer blog, but his list of events is typically not as comprehensive as San Diego Beer Blog's, although this week's list of events is good and a subsequent post announcing a Cantillon event at Stone Brewing and an Italian craft brewer Bruton at Hamilton's are worth putting on the calendar.  I should note that Rowe only announces events for an upcoming weekend and San Diego Beer Blog lists events for a whole week.


Jeff said...

Thanks for the plug, glad you find the events posts useful.

I typically only post events up to a week in advance (I usually put up a post on Thursday with events up until the next Wednesday) for that week's events that don't make the list (there are usually a lot) or for events more than a week away you can always look at the calendar on the Events page (link near top of page)

Brian said...

Head's up about a great San Diego Craft Beer event.

This event is the first weekend of June (Thurs 2nd to Sun 5th) and is called FOGG-A-PALOOZA which is a 4 day celebration of San Diego Craft Beers. We have some awesome beers lined up for the weekend from quite a few of the local breweries. There will also be "meet the brewers" each night, live bands, food specials, commemorative glasses and t-shirts and of course some incredibly exclusive San Diego Craft Beers so we are very excited about the event which will be our first of this kind. Please check out this link for full details of the event at