Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fair Fail

I went to the Del San Diego County Fair today.  I was struck by the lack of local beer exposure.  For a county that prides itself on its local beer scene, San Diego's local brewers were almost non-existent at the Fair.  The San Diego Brewers Guild should sponsor a beer garden focusing on local brewers that is open throughout the entire Fair.   This booth could be manned by the many local brewers, with a different brewery having a spotlight on different days.  Fair attendees would appreciate such a booth.

I saw a couple of Coors-sponsored booths around the Fair, and the main beer garden had only two local beers, a Green Flash "special" beer (who knows what that was) and Coronado Brewing's Golden Ale.   There were a couple of out of town craft beers, one from Deschutes and Lagunitas' IPA, but the overall craft beer selection was pathetic.

I took a picture of the beer and drink list from the main beer garden.  I like that beer called "craft."  The sign sums up the importance given to craft and local beer at the Fair.  I know there are a few beer festivals during the Fair, so organizers have some ideas about beer, but local craft brewers deserve a higher visibility at the Fair.

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