Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Jack D'Or Fumble

I had my first Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project beer, Jack D'Or, near the end of a lazy Fourth of July.  I took electronic notes detailing my impressions about the beer's fine qualities.  A few days later when I went back to write the review I realized that I typed over my original notes, and could not figure out how to retrieve them.  I tried to rewrite them from memory, but it's just not the same.  I did not want buy and another Jack D'Or and try to recreate my impressions, because I've come to believe that "atmosphere" plays a significant role in beer appreciation.   I'll get to enjoy another Jack D'Or after I post this truncated review.

So, a month on here are my general impressions on this beer.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it's the front-runner for my "beer of the year."  Pretty Things calls Jack D'Or a "Saison Americain."  I'll be honest, I don't know or really care what is meant by "Americain."  Maybe it means that Jack D'Or is hoppier than a typical saison.  This is true, it is hoppy saison, which is my favorite type of saison.  Jack D'Or earns is saision credibility with a strong dose of yeasty spiciness.  The hops and yeast played well together in this beer.  It has a complexity that does not diminish its drinkability.   Jack D'Or made a strong first impression, and has me wanting another, along with more beers from Pretty Things. 


JRhode said...

Agree on the Jack D'Or. Had a Field Mouse's Farewell last night and wasn't as impressed; just a solid Belgian golden ale. Expectations may have been too high. My brother grabbed a Baby Tree (Quad) that is queued up next.

Beer Rover said...

I think Baby Tree gets all the buzz. I have a Field Mouse that I need to try.