Friday, March 16, 2012

Alpine's Blog

I've known about Alpine Beer Co.'s blog for some time.  I have not paid much attention to it because much of what's been on the blog was also in Alpine's periodic emails.  Today's email had a link to the blog rather than significant content.  I'll put a link to the Alpine Beer Co. blog here on the site.  Today's blog post was mostly about St. Patrick's Day, but this nugget about Alpine's collaboration beer with New Belgium was towards the end of the post:
..."we (Alpine Brew Co.) will be going to Fort Collins to brew a massive double IPA, spiked with Brett. The concept is still in the planning stage but our slant is toward creating “The Anti-hero of Double IPAs” called “Lex Lupulin,” destroying pallets with hoppy goodness wherever he goes. Or something like that, at least I got the name out there so no one can take it. Their planned release is for the Great American Beer Festival in early September with national distribution. The batch size will almost equal our annual production. Love those guys."
Reading about double IPAs "spiked with brett" that are being brewed with the intention of "destroying pallets" make me glad it's Friday.  (Just think of the splinters!)

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The Hop Daddy said...

Awesome! I'll seek this one out at the GABF this year!