Thursday, April 5, 2012

Amazing Beer

I had an amazing beer last weekend.  It was The Bruery's Humulus Lager, and I had it on draft at The Ritual Tavern in San Diego's North Park neighborhood.  It was served in a small goblet and I shared it with the Beer Rovette after dinner.  I am not going to blaspheme this beer by trying to describe its many flavors.  There was a solid dose of hop bitterness, but beyond the hops, the flavors were unique, and after a few sips I quit trying to decipher its flavor profile and just enjoyed the beer.  Humulus Lager's flavors worked together on grand scale, balance par excellence.   I don't know its abv, but it's probably high due to the small glass size, but it sure wasn't noticeable, which ties in to the beer's near perfect construction.  It's become a rare occurrence when I get gobsmacked by a beer, but Humulus Lager was brilliance in a glass.  If you see it, order it and let its flavors astound you.

(The Ritual labeled the beer Humulus Imperial Lager, but the links above are for Humulus Lager.  I'm not sure if it's the same beer or not.)

Update:  There is only one beer.  It is Humulus Lager and it's an imperial pale lager, IPL.


Dave said...

Always wanted to try this beer. Hopefully whenever I go back to Cali they have it. Always heard great things.

Beer Rover said...

Definitely worth trying. I think Ballast Point may brew an IPL, too.

Dave said...

Ballast Point Fathom India Pale Lager I believe. I had it a while back. It's good.