Thursday, January 2, 2014

Beer At The San Diego Zoo

It's been maybe two years or more since I last visited the San Diego Zoo.  I went yesterday and was impressed with the availability of craft beer.  I knew the upscale restaurant Albert's served good beer, but I noticed several kiosks and small eateries around the zoo that offer craft beer, and you're even allowed to walk around the zoo with beer.  I am guessing this is relatively new, because I don't remember beer stands from my previous zoo excursions.  I saw local craft brewers Karl Strauss, Stone Brewing and Ballast Point represented (and a few non-local big boys).  It's great having hometown brewers prominently selling their beer at one of San Diego's largest tourist attractions.


Chris said...

Albert's occasionally hosts brewmaster dinners, too.

Beer Rover said...

I saw that when I linked to Albert's. That's really cool.