Thursday, May 22, 2014

Road Warrior

Green Flash's Road Warrior Imperial Rye IPA is a macho beer.  It's not just for men, of course, but I can't remember a beer with more swagger.  It's a high octane kick to the privates.  Road Warrior is an anti-session beer that dares you to reach for a second, and then mocks you  - "Session this, bitch!" - when you wisely decide one is plenty.

You know you're in for a wild ride before you even taste Road Warrior.  In the glass, its mahogany color is nearly as dark as a black IPA.  The beer's rye malt gives a full, heavy mouthful.  Road Warrior is a piney IPA with a long taut finish, mixed with a pleasant tinge of sweetness.  Its abv is only 9.0%, and I say "only" because it drinks bigger than 9.0%.  It had a pervasive heat throughout each drink.   Together, the rye, multiple hops (Mosaic, Columbus and Amarillo), booze, and sweetness give Road Warrior a bombastic, spicy character. 

I liked Road Warrior, because most importantly, it tasted good.  It is not your typical double IPA - it is as complex as it is aggressive.  Road Warrior is a beer that caused me to raise an eyebrow, a beer someone who has tried many IPAs and double IPAs can appreciate. 

Road Warrior is a sipper, not a pounder; a beer you mustn't underestimate.  This morning as I walked by the empty bottle of Road Warrior sitting and waiting for its trip to the recycle bin it defiantly gave me the finger.

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