Thursday, January 7, 2016

BrewDog's Independence Declaration

"Outgoing founders always say nothing will change. Except Everything Does. And the reality is they are powerless to stop any changes"

Scottish brewer and pub operator, BrewDog, in a great blog post just before Christmas, declared its intent - in blunt, straightforward language - to remain an independent brewer.  If you missed this post, it is worth reading.  It addressed recent craft brewery acquisitions by large macro brewing corporations, and cited the number of negative changes that have already occurred at the formerly small craft brewers.  The post ended with BrewDog acting on its convictions by changing its corporate articles to prevent a sale to a macro brewer, or as stated by BrewDog, a "monolithic purveyor of bland industrial beer."

Here in San Diego, craft brewers Stone Brewing, Modern Times, and Green Flash, have made their plans to remain independent clear. 

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