Friday, July 14, 2017

Ten-Year Anniversary!

Today is the tenth anniversary of the Beer Rover beer blog.  I almost missed this date.  I think it is the oldest, continuous San Diego-centric beer blog.  If it is not, someone please correct me.  Much has happened over this period, primarily, craft beer has gone mainstream.  This is positive and what most beer blogs, including this one, were started to promote, but at times it is overwhelming, as I cannot attempt to keep up with all the new breweries, not only in San Diego, but throughout California and beyond.  The ubiquity of craft beer has taken some of the fun out of finding gems or searching beer stores for rare releases.  I have recently found that rare beers are still out there - just try finding a Belgian Tripel - which brings some adventure back to beer drinking.

This blog has helped in my beer education and focused my beer drinking. I know it is too IPA focused, and it will stay that way.  IPAs are what I mostly like to drink.  Each beer I buy is with this blog in mind, even if its the tenth straight IPA, or even if never write about a particular beer.  I still check a restaurant's beers on tap before I look at its menu.  Without this blog I would not have tried many styles, particularly various Belgians, big stouts, and barleywines, would not have bought so many beer books, nor read so many beer blogs searching for new beers and opinions.  It has made traveling more interesting, even though I never travel strictly for a beer-cation.  I recently found a craft beer store in New York's Grand Central Station that not only sells bottles and cans of craft beer but also sells growlers to go.  Heck yes.

I do not intend to stop this blog any time soon.  I know my posts come in waves, and I am trying to correct that, but sometimes life and work take precedent and beer writing is relegated to late nights or early mornings, so sporadic posts may continue.

Thanks for reading.