Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Alpine Brewing's New Bottled Beer

I received an email from Alpine Brewing yesterday updating fans on its new bottled beers. The email was full information and here is a large portion:
If IPA is your game, our selection will float your boat. They include: O’Brien’s IPA, Nelson, Duet, Pure Hoppiness and Exponential Hoppiness. The O’Brien’s is almost out but we have plenty of Duet and Nelson. We worked out the purchase and shipping for a small pallet of New Zealand hops so we will be making Nelson all year. Bad Boy will raise his ugly head in about three more weeks.

We bought some unique hops and have used them already. We have some New Zealand Motueka and Pacific Jade hop pellets. And, we made a 4.20% uber hoppy pale ale which should come off like an IPA but is sessionable, meaning you can drink more without that pesky inebriation thing getting in the way. The hop profiles of each of these two hops are very complimentary to each other. No name as yet.

We needed some floor drains in the new fermentor room. We improvised an exterior floor drain adjacent to the fermentors and poured a slab to hold the drain and while we were at it, we poured enough space to located several stacks of barrels. The final enclosure should provide a cool place to age some barrels of funky stuff, like “Ned” and “Ichabod.” (for now)

“Ned” is in the can. We made a Belgian Flanders which is scheduled for the wine barrels as soon as the concrete cures. We named it “Ned” but it has nothing to do with any cartoon character ;) As soon as the proper flavor profiles develop we’ll release it in bottles and draft, probably in a few months.

Label art is scheduled to be sent to the printers this week for several new bottled editions to our lineup. Duet, Nelson and Exponential Hoppiness will be bottled in 22 oz. bombers soon. Duet and Nelson could be in bottles by the end of the month, more news to follow.
The nuggets I took away from the email are that Alpine will be making Nelson all year and will soon have Nelson, Duet and Exponential Hoppiness in 22 oz bottles, Alpine is brewing more beers with New Zealand hops, and a Belgian Flanders beer named "Ned" will be available soon. This is fantastic news and it is good to see Alpine expanding.

One item I did not read in the email was any information on increased distribution. I believe that Alpine self-distributes its beers. This keeps prices its low but limits availability, as it only has eight bottle accounts, and three of these are in the small town of Alpine. I live about forty-five minutes from Alpine Brewing and the closest store that sells Alpine beer is twenty minutes from my house. On the bright side, I have a weekly reason to go near the closest store that sells Alpine beer, so I see bottles of Nelson and Duet in my future.

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