Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rather Be Lucky Than Smart

My dad always used to say that he would have rather'd been lucky than smart. I guess there is some truth to this, unless you're too stupid to know when you just got lucky. On Thursday I lucked out and am smart enough to know it. We visited Toroando in North Park and it had Russian River's Publication on tap. Here is a link to the Brookston Beer Bulletin describing Publication and its brewing process. In short:
Yesterday, the members of the Publican National Committee, consisting of Brouwer’s, The Falling Rock, The Horse Brass, Monk’s Cafe, and the Toronado, assembled at Russian River Brewing’s production facility to brew a collaborative beer to be sold exclusively at member pubs. The new beer will be called Publication, and will be an 8% a.b.v. Saison
This beer was great, and Toronado is one of the few beer bars that get to offer it exclusively. (The link above to Brookston Beer Bulletin lists the pubs that were involved with Publication's brewing.) Publication is clearly a saison / farmhouse ale and it was brewed with Brettanomyces yeast, which gave it a nice, sour funk. The beer was refreshing and drinkable, yet complex, a true pleasure. Its 8% abv was not noticeable, a true mark of its craftsmanship. This beer is definitely worth trying. Here's to being lucky.

Update: There are 127 Publication reviews on BeerAdvocate so it's not that exclusive, but I do feel lucky to have had tried it.

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