Monday, December 14, 2009

Good Beer Read

I bought Tim Webb's Good Beer Guide Belgium while shopping on Amazon. I ordered and then intercepted my own Christmas present. This book is more comprehensive than I was expecting. It goes into depth about Belgian history, beer styles, glassware, food, culture and more before it even starts its main focus, which is a travel guide. Belgian has several languages, and its culture (and beer) is influenced, in part, by its neighbors, France, Netherlands and Germany. The best beer area, from what I have gathered so far, is the northern area between France and Netherlands, including the cities Burges, Ghent, Antwerp and Brussels.

The book covers breweries, brewpubs and cafes. It also discusses major cities and towns. It is as complete a beer travel guide as your going to find. It is also full of wonderful pictures, so even if you not traveling to Belgium (which I won't be doing anytime soon) you can visit vicariously.

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