Saturday, December 19, 2009

Jubelale - A Two Year Tradition

I had my first Deschutes Jubelale last year and made a note that along with Sierra Nevada's Celebration Ale, it would be an annual must-drink Christmas beer. Jubelale is malty with mild spices and a decent hop bitterness. It pours a deep amber and its foam is the color of coffee with too much cream. Jubelale is approachable and not overpowering, you won't be searching for arcane flavors you won't be able to detect. It is a Christmas beer for the non-beer geek. This is by no means taking anything away from Jubelale, in fact it's a compliment. Some Christmas beers get too tedious with excessive spices other added ingredients making them a drink-alone (i.e. no food) contemplative beer. This is OK, but sometimes you want a winter beer where you don't have to think through every sip.

A neat thing about Jubelale is its bottle artwork. It changes every year and is always created by an Oregon artist. As you can see in the picture I lifted from Deschutes' website, this year's art evokes the holiday season with the Oregon sun breaking through a snow covered forest. Jubeale is an excellent way to enjoy the season as it is good with food or by itself.

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