Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pizza Port - Ocean Beach Update

I saw this on a BeerAdvocate thread today discussing the Ocean Beach Pizza Port:
From Jeff Bagby, head brewer and head of operations for all the Pizza Port pubs, who presented at last night's Quaff meeting:

Neighbor protest held up the liquor license. They've gotten past the protest and expect the license to be approved soon. They're pretty much ready to go, tanks are full of beer, and they are hiring bartenders, etc. Not sure of opening date. Had hoped for 4/20, then planned for May 3, but "that ain't happening." Maybe May 10. They'll have some private parties and a soft opening, won't have "grand opening" for a while.

They'll have 40 handles. BOP beers at opening will include Jetty (the house IPA), Shark Bite, California Honey, a cream (Cardiff, I suppose), a house pale ale, Chronic and an imperial porter. They'll also have a bottle selection. The brewing system is brand new and OB will be the first of the Pizza Port pubs to treat their brewing water. The other three use unfiltered city water, but probably will be adding the treatment system eventually, he said.
So it looks like a May 10th opening, pending license approval.  I hope the license process goes smooth.  I have heard of other locations where the license approval process took much longer than anticipated.  We walked past last weekend and it looked completed inside, with tables and flat screen TVs installed.  It looked modern with plenty of light.  I could not see what's going on upstairs for outside dining.  There are also a few tables outside along Bacon Street that sit underneath tiki umbrellas.  The parking lot has been refinished and there are ten spots.  Forty taps.....


Dave said...

That's got to be awesome to have one so close. I'd be there all the time.

The Hop Daddy said...

I drove past on Wednesday and there were people working there on the outside. Looks good, I can't wait.

Rational Realist said...

Dave, It will be tempting not to stop everyday, just to see what's new.

Hop Daddy, the "Pizza Port" sings went up today or yesterday. I looks like it could open tomorrow if they wanted to.

I need to snag a picture before it opens. The design is excellent, combining the a modern style with a brick facade tribute to the Carlsbad PP. They've taken down some of the construction signage so it will make for a better picture.