Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools

It looks like Stone is at it again:
We've all seen them. Sitting next to liquor store cash registers or in your co-worker's desk drawer. Little plastic sacks of booze. Laden with cartoonish logos, encouraging marketing slogans, and lowest common denominator liquid. Portable shots seem to be a category designed for nothing but despair and the desperate. Those who's pockets are lined with neither money nor good taste.

No longer.

Stone Brewing Co. is proud to announce the release of BastardSHOTZ Gel Pakz, perfect for the Bastard on-the-go who wants to upgrade to first class. Oozing all the flavor and alcohol of a 22 oz. serving of Arrogant Bastard Ale, reduced to a classy, airport-friendly 3-ounce pocket pouch. Designed for connoisseurs with an abundance of taste and a dearth of time, BastardSHOTZ brings sorely needed panache to the pouch-based booze business.
I'll admit, I have heard of more unappealing ideas, like a Stone Extreme Lemony Lime beer.  I want to get a BastardSHOTZ, stick it in the freezer and wait until it's just getting slushy before tearing it open.  OtterPops for grown-ups.

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