Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stone Brewing In South Park - Is Beer Near?

I had a hunch something was up when I heard my two dormant Stone Brewing growlers rattling in the cupboard.  I checked Stone's website, tweets and blog and could not find any updates on Stone's proposed South Park location.  I was out this morning and decided to make a small detour and see for myself if anything was happening at the 30th Street location Stone chose last year for its new store.  I saw the sign below, which was posted late last week:

I don't have any more information than what is posted on the sign above.  I see that the business is still listed as a "Beer Manufacturer," so maybe the original plan of a small brewing operation is still moving forward.  The location Stone chose is great.  It has plenty of small, local restaurants and shops and is gentrifying fast.  It is also close to the historic Burlingame neighborhood (info here and here) that dates from before World War I.  It is my opinion that Stone's corporate personality would enhance and fit perfectly in South Park.  

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