Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Year-End Thinking

It's unlikely I will reach my goal of 100 posts for this year.  I could write a number of small useless posts to get to 100, but I am not going to succumb to posts that read like a New Brew Thursday tweet just to meet a meaningless target. 

I am putting together my list of best and worst beers of the year.  I know the best beers I have had this year, but I am having a hard time putting together the worst beers.  I'd had some beers that have disappointed and underwhelmed, but until last weekend none that I'd call the worst beer of the year.  Iron Fist's undrinkable Gauntlet double IPA was shudder inducing bad.  It did not taste like an IPA, was way too malty and boozy and had a nasty aftertaste.   If I didn't know it, I would not have guessed it a double IPA.  A friend ordered the Gauntlet at a pub, and I tasted it, so I did not actually have one myself, so maybe I should not include it on my list.  But whether I include it or not, with one taste it was by far the worst beer I had this year.   We asked the bartender if we could swap Gauntlet for a Coronado Brewing Idiot double IPA, which I knew was a good beer, and she gladly obliged, agreeing with us that Gauntlet was a tough beer to drink.   I can't remember ever sending a beer back for crappy taste.

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