Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Prairie Ales Saison

I originally wrote this post in June but forgot to post it.  Other than a few minor edits, the post is my original thoughts on Prairie Artisan Ales' saison.

Prairie Artisan Ales has been getting favorable press.   Its buzz went from a murmur to a roar so fast
that Prairie Artisan Ales' beers are now hard to find.   I found a lone bottle of its Prairie Ale Saison a week or so ago and grabbed it, chilled it, and opened it the following evening.  Maybe it was a case of over expectations, but I was underwhelmed by this beer.  It was good, yes, but not great.  Prairie Ale Saison poured a cloudy, summer gold, and had a big, resilient white foam.  I immediately smelled the beer's yeast, and thought I caught a whiff of some funk, too. The aroma didn't translate to the saison's taste; it was not too yeasty, nor was it funky.  Despite the big yeast aroma, I found the yeast profile secondary when tasting the beer.

Prairie Ale was initially, surprisingly sweet.  Its sweetness jumps out at you.  It was not dry like so many other saisons, which probably accented its candied first impression.  The sweetness gave way a boozy and bitter finish, and the finish was long.

I didn't mind Prairie Ale Saison's sweetness or its lack of dryness.  What held me back from appreciating this beer was its forward alcohol and sharp, astringent bitterness.  I want to try more Prairie Ales, and its saison warrants further beer exploration. 

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