Saturday, March 29, 2008

High Tide Fresh Hop IPA

Here is another picture. It's of Port Brewing's High Tide Fresh Hop IPA. From reading BeerAdvocate, this beer was released last fall, so here in late March, I am guessing its flavor profile may have mellowed. I thought it was very good, and if it had mellowed, it must have been fantastic last fall. I like fresh hoped IPAs. They have strong hop flavor but a lower alcohol level. This beer had an ABV of 6.5% that is lower than many IPAs.

(I took this picture with my iPhone. Getting the picture into Blogger is a nightmare as it always imports on its side. I had to duplicate the picture and save it to the desktop before importing it in order to get it to stand up straight. I need to experiment to get a higher quality photo and background.)

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