Saturday, May 31, 2008

Last Portland Post - McMenamins

These brothers are amazing. They have a series of restaurants, pubs and hotels throughout Oregon. We visited their Edgefield in Troutdale, about twenty minutes from downtown Portland. Edgefield is a resort with a hotel, several restaurants, a brewery and a winery. It also has a chip and putt golf course. (Check out the link to Edgefield to see all it has to offer.) Our stay did not do the property justice. We were pressed for time and only visited the Black Rabbit Restaurant. The meal was delicious. I had the chef's version of a plowman's lunch and a cask-conditioned ESB.

I had heard that the McMenamin's could be quite local in their attitudes. We did not experience this at all. I purchased a Sunflower IPA from the gift shop. The woman at the counter noticed that the beer was cold (I had grabbed it from the fridge) and inquired whether I was going to keep it cold until I drank it. When I replied no, she went to the store's stock room and replaced it with one at room temperature so the beer would not skunk. Respect for beer and the customer. (I had the Sunflower tonight after its first chill and it was marvelous.)

I would like to go back and stay at a McMenamin property and savor the atmosphere, food and ale.

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