Saturday, May 31, 2008

More Portland - Bridgeport Brewing Company

We made a stop at Bridgeport Brewing for happy hour appetizers (that became dinner) and a few beers. The beers were refreshing, in part because it was an unusual 100 degrees in Portland. I like Bridgeport's IPA and have posted on it before. Its hops give it a crisp, citrus flavor, unlike the floral accent of many IPAs. It has the characteristic bitterness of an IPA, but it's no West Coast hop bomb. Its 5.5% alcohol level means you can have two beers. The food is good, too, and like other Portland restaurants considerable care appears to have been put into the menu. In addition to the brewery, I had Bridgeport IPA at several other restaurants. There are many beer choices in Portland, but Bridgeport should be on any beer connoisseur's list of breweries to visit.

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