Monday, January 11, 2010

Pizza Port Carlsbad's Jetty IPA

I had a meeting Friday morning in Carlsbad, which meant a mandatory growler fill after the meeting.  I walked into Pizza Port just after it had opened, glanced at the tap list, and asked the bartender about the Jetty IPA.  He said it was hoppy but not as big as Wipeout. I instinctively order a growler of Jetty.  As the bartender was filling the growler I got a case of buyer's remorse as I studied the board more closely and saw other beers that sounded more interesting.  These included  Revelations, a Belgian strong ale, Twerp, a Belgian pale ale, Trigger Hoppy, a Belgian-style IPA and, I want to say, an imperial pale ale, the name that escapes me.  But it was too late as the growler was almost full.

My buyer's remorse was short-lived.  I drank from the growler all weekend and Jetty was great.  It's was a juicy, grapefruit-flavored IPA.  It had a pure white foam, and looked like a French manicure with the snow white foam sitting on top of the golden ale.    The balance was just right.  It was a hoppy beer, but not an obtrusive level of hops, and it was offset by a sweet maltinesss.

I've had Wipeout  several times, but it has not left much of an impression on me.  I remember it as a drinkable, if not memorable, IPA.  Jetty, by contrast, is an approachable IPA with a distinct flavor profile.


Dave said...

Sounds damn good! I had Revelations when I visited. Good stuff.

Dave said...


You looking for anything on the East Coast? I would a growler of this stuff

Dave said...

I would love to try Mongo too =)