Thursday, January 21, 2010

Looking for Mischief

It has been awhile since I have been excited about a new beer.  I shake my head when I read the hyper-kinetic posts on BeerAdvocate about the latest release of certain beers, like Dark Lord, The Abyss or Black Tuesday.  The last beer I eagerly anticipated was Stone's Vertical Epic 08.08.08, a sorta Belgian Tripel / IPA.   Sure there are beers I'd like to try and I have gone out of my way plenty of times on beer runs for a particular beer, but I am not about to fly to Indiana to fight the crowds on Dark Lord Day, schlep to Orange County for Black Tuesday or even wait at one of San Diego's many breweries for a special release only available to those first in line.  My hype-to-acquisition inconvenience ratio is low.

I am looking forward to The Bruery's new year-round release Mischief.  This is a Belgian-style Golden Strong Ale, a style I enjoy.  If The Bruery does its usual style-magic, the beer should be a treat.  I am glad The Bruery is adding a Golden Strong Ale to its year-round line-up.  Some of its year-round beers just don't lend themselves to my casual drinking, but a Golden Strong Ale does (at least on weekends because its ABV is 8.5%).  My local market is supposed to get a shipment of Mischief tomorrow and I plan on stopping by to get a bottle.  This is minimal acquisition inconvenience.  Mischief has been out for several weeks, but I am going hold off reading any BeerAdvocate reviews on Mischief until I finish drinking a bottle.  I hope to post my impressions of Mischief over the weekend.


J.Rhode said...

Hoffer's in La Mesa has a keg coming up. Grabbed a bottle at the Reserve Society Party the other weekend. I don't want to predispose you to my impressions, so I won't mention the fault I noticed in the bottled version.

Rational Realist said...

A mystery. I look for a fault. So the fault was in the bottle version but not the draft?

J.Rhode said...

Correct. By the way, now a keg of Mischief at Toronado SD tonight during their Bruery night:

Cask Two Turtle Doves?

The Hop Daddy said...

I like what I have tried from The Bruery, but find their cost a bit high. Maybe it's the bottle size or maybe it's where I buy it. I took a drive by their facility last time I was in OC, but they were closed. I would like to take a peek inside sometime and do a tasting if possible.

Rational Realist said...

Cask Two Turtle Doves? That must have been great. Toronado has not updated its tap list recently, just says something like "a lot of great beers."

The Bruery's prices keep its beers from being "everyday" beers. When you figure its world-class beers are about the same price as a less-than-run-of-the-mill wine The Bruery's beers are a steal. Visiting The Bruery is on my unofficial beer to-do list this year.