Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bruery Terreux

I just read today about The Bruery's new brand and tasting room Bruery Terreux.  Nothing like writing a beer blog and failing keeping up with all-important beer news.  Bruery Terreux is French for "Earthy Brewery," and under this brand The Bruery will focus on farmhouse and wild yeast-fermented ales.  Tomorrow, Earth Day, April 22, 2015, Bruery Terreux is reintroducing Saison Rue and Sour In The Rye, the first two beers being released under the new brand.  The recipes for these two core The Bruery beers are apparently the same but they were brewed in Bruery Terreux's new facility.  From The Bruery's website on Bruery Terreux:
Our current brands that are brewed with wild yeasts or bacteria such as Saison Rue, Oude Tart, or Hottenroth Berliner Weisse, will be transitioned to Bruery Terreux. The recipes will remain the same, but will be overseen by wild beer specialists and will be bottled under the new branding. Exciting new beers will also be added to Bruery Terreux’s lineup.
This is an exciting development.  My not paying attention means I only have to wait a day until these new, or newly introduced, beers start showing up in stores.

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