Thursday, April 2, 2015

Super Sour In The Rye

I hate it when I drink a great beer and do not post about it.  I had The Bruery's brilliant 2014 version of Sour In The Rye early last month and was stunned by it.  This beer was fantastic.  I didn't take notes on it, I just enjoyed it assuring myself I'd write an immediate review, which, unfortunately, seemed like a good idea at the time.  But life has a way of invading good plans, and a few trips, work, and other beers interceded, resulting in several lost weeks with no post.

Sour In The Rye was the perfect concoction of sour and sweet, mixed in with the faint taste of oak and the spice of rye.  It was not overly sweet, which is essential to me, and the rye added a distinct earthiness and boosted its complexity.   This beer is required drinking if you like sour beers.  I do not expect to drink a better beer than Sour In The Rye this year.

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