Thursday, April 23, 2015

Rare Beers From The North

I am not breaking any craft beer news stating that amazing craft beers are easy to find, taste, and buy.  Despite the abundance of quality beer, some breweries don't bottle their beers, or don't distribute them widely, making these breweries' beers rare outside their small region.  Modern Times Beer is hosting some Northern California breweries in what seems like a mini-fest at Modern Times' Point Loma brewery.  Some of the breweries included on the list are Cellarmaker, Sante Adairius, Magnolia, Fieldwork, Almanac, and others.  The event, dubbed Hella Tight Bay Area Beersplosion!, is Sunday, May 17, 2015.

Capitola's Sante Adairius bottles its beers, but in small batches and I have never seen one here in San Diego, nor have I seen any of its beers on draft in San Diego.  San Francisco's Cellarmaker Brewing has only bottled a few of its beers in limited release, and its beers are not on draft in San Diego.  Fieldwork is a new brewery (grand opening this weekend) located in Berkeley that was started by former San Diegans, including Alex Tweet who was Modern Times' first brewer.  Almanac is the only brewery attending the Beersplosion that I am aware of that distributes its beers here in San Diego, but I don't see its beers at many locations.  Hella Tight Bay Area Beersplosion sounds like a great event and a unique opportunity to try beers impossible to find in San Diego.

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