Thursday, November 6, 2008

Final Patron Saint Shipment

I just got an email announcing the final 2008 shipment for The Lost Abbey's Patron Saint beer club. The final shipment will combine two shipments and are The Gift of the Magi (December release) and a special Devotion (October release). The Gift of the Magi is the reason I joined the Patron Saints last year. This beer used to be nearly impossible to find, but my local market, The Olive Tree Marketplace, now receives all The Lost Abbey Special releases and has already received this year's The Gift of the Magi. I have never tried Magi and am looking forward to a long night of slow sipping

The Devotion is a Special Edition for Patron Saints and is "spiked with Brett." Here is information on Brett from Russian River Brewing's website:

Brettanomyces (also known as Brett) is feared by most brewers and winemakers alike. In fact, there are some local winemakers who will not set foot in our brewpub in Downtown Santa Rosa due to our use of Brettanomyces. Brettanomyces is actually yeast, it ferments and acts the same as every other "conventional" yeast, it just has the propensity to continue fermenting through almost any type of sugar, including those natural sugars found in the wood in an oak barrel. Brett is very invasive and if not handled properly can become out of control in a winery or brewery, but, if used properly with care, it can add rich aromas and flavors of earthiness, leather, smoke, barnyard, & our favorite descriptor-wet dog in a phone booth.

This sounds interesting. I am not 100% sure, but I think the Brett ads a level of sourness to the flavor. I am allowed to buy two extra bottles of the Special Edition Devotion, and I think I will. Devotion is one of my favorite The Lost Abbey offerings and a Devotion with a sour twist will be a treat.

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