Friday, November 7, 2008

Ten Commandments

Here is a longer post on The Lost Abbey's The Ten Commandments. As noted previously, I drank the 750ml bottle over approximately four hours on Halloween. I don't think I even dipped into any candy after pouring this beer. It is listed as a Strong Belgian Dark Ale, and The Lost Abbey's website says it's a stronger version of its Lost and Found Abbey Ale, which is a wonderful beer.

A week on and I still have vivid memories of The Ten Commandments. It poured dark with little foam, and it quickly dissipated. It is a dark beer, almost black. It had a distinctive smell, not unlike cough medicine. It took a couple of sips before my taste buds adjusted to the complexity of the beer.

The taste was not of cough medicine. It had a rich, raisin flavor. There were other flavors, too, but I could not discern them, other than to say they were spices. Raisin, to me was the dominant flavor. It had a sweetness, but a restrained sweetness, not overly sweet. As it warmed up over the four hours it became more approachable. I was sad when it was done and wanted more.

I picked this bottle up at the brewery as part of my Patron Saints membership. The guy working at The Lost Abbey, whose name I did not catch, said this beer is great with Thanksgiving. I don't doubt him, and plan on cracking a bottle with Thanksgiving dinner.

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