Saturday, February 28, 2009

Does St Bernardus Make A Bad Beer?

I had a St Bernardus Tripel this week. It is an outstanding beer. I had it at Newport Pizza and Alehouse and it was poured into a small chalice due to its 8% alcohol, but the alcohol was absent from its taste. This beer was so good, I could have drank a half dozen without batting an eye, but I wouldn't have been able to walk. Last week I tried St Bernardus' Witbier, which was also outstanding. My first foray into St Bernardus was its Abt 12 last summer at the Irvine Yard House. Abt 12 is a Belgian quadrupel with a whopping 10.5% alcohol. You'd never know this rich, creamy beer had this much alcohol.

I have seen the St Bernardus Triple in 750 ml bottles and am going to get one so I can savor it and write a proper review. I am impressed with St Bernardus. Its beers are not just good, but are delicious.

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drunkenpolack said...

Do they make a bad beer? No!