Saturday, February 28, 2009

Green Flash West Coast IPA

When I went to Hamilton's last week, one of my primary goals was to taste Green Flash's West Coast IPA. I had it once several years ago and remember it unbalanced and overly bitter. I found it hard (but not impossible) to finish the six-pack. I had recently read several positive reviews and comments on West Coast IPA and they reminded me that I needed to give it another try. My experience with West Coast IPA at Hamilton's was much better. I still thought it was bitter, but the balance was better. Its initial bitterness is a jolt, but the beer seemed to soften as I worked my way down the pint glass. I was impressed with West Coast IPA. I am not yet ready to anoint it as one of my favorite IPAs, but I won't dismiss it because of one six-pack three years ago, either.

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