Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stone's 2006 Russian Imperial Stout

It has been a crappy ten days. The stock market is tanking and my cat is literally dying. To ease the crappy week, I had a 2006 Stone Russian Imperial Stout. I have had this bottle of Stone's 2006 Russian Imperial Stout in my beer cabinet for nearly three years. It is where I mainly store empty growlers because it is in my garage and is subject to intense temperature variations. I bought this beer in 2006 and have meaning to try it for about two years. I was sure it had gone bad due to the extreme heat, as it has been exposed to three summers in my garage. Boy, was I wrong, this beer was great.

I know this beer is one of BeerAdvocate's top rated beers, but always thought this was because of its high alcohol level. (I am of the opinion that the raters on BeerAdvocate tend to rate high alcohol beers higher than lower alcohol beers.) Tonight I realized how good this beer is. I am no expert on Russian Imperial Stouts, but this beer was complex, yet very drinkable.

Here is my rating:

Appearance 2.5 (out of possible three)
Aroma: 3.0 (out of a possible four)
Balance: 3.5 (out of a possible four)
Aftertaste: 2.5 (out of a possible three)
Mouthful: 3.0 (out of a possible three)

Overall Impression: 2.75 (out of a possible three)

Total Score: 17.25 out of a possible 20, or Very Good

The alcohol was clearly present, and so was the roasted malt, along with the hop bitterness that filled the palate. There was a sweetness that complimented the roasted bitterness that tied the beer together. This a delicious, well constructed beer.

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