Friday, March 20, 2009

Email from The Bruery

I am on The Bruery's email list and these two items stood out from the latest email:

We still have allocations available for the 100% Barrel Aged Papier for sale our tasting room this weekend. Papier is an Old Ale brewed to commemorate our first anniversary. It has notes of caramel, vanilla, dark fruit, and toasted oak. This beer is approximately 15% ABV and when released, the 100% Barrel Aged version will be aged for over a year.

We'll release approximately 15 cases of the Bourbon barrel aged version, 15 cases of the brandy barrel aged version, and 15 cases of the rye whiskey version. Our general release will have a proportion of barrel aged beer, but it won't be 100%. We're limiting each customer to 3 bottles total at the price of $27.50 per 750 mL bottle. This is likely your only chance to ensure you'll get a bottle of this special version of Papier (without resorting to eBay, but we don't recommend). The release will come out sometime in May, right around our anniversary party. More on that below...


It's hard to believe we've been in business for a year. Partially this is because we've collectively gained a lot of grey hair this year and it feels like we've accomplished a lot for one year. On the other end, it seems like just a few months ago we brewed that first batch of beer with our Batch No. 1 winners Mark and Loren. Anyway, We'll be celebrating our one year in business on Saturday, May 16th. We're still hammering out the details and will fill you in once we know what we're doing.
The three Papier releases sound interesting. At 15% alcohol, Papier is likely an evening stopper - you must sip slow and pay attention. I won't make to The Bruery this weekend to get a reservation. Papier is the third beer I have seen in the past few weeks over $20 per bottle. The other two are Russian River's Consecration and The Lost Abbey's Angel's Share (which I think is the bourbon barrel aged version). I think the most I have spent on a beer is $12, but I have reserved a bottle of Consecration. I am not sure I have embraced the new pricing model for specialty beers.

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