Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stone Cali-Belgique

I knew I was going to be driving on the I-15 today and packed my Stone growler in case time permitted a pit stop. Needless to say, I made time to stop or this would be a worthless post. I picked up a growler of Stone's Cali-Belgique IPA and a bottle of Sawyer's Triple. I had Cali-Belgique last summer at the Stone World Bistro and Gardens. It is an IPA with plenty of Stone-style hop bitterness, but it also has a prominent Belgian yeast flavor. It is a dry beer and I had a glass of water while I drank it. The version I had last summer was cloudy, and today's version was clear. I like this beer cloudy or clear, it is a unique IPA. The clear version is on the upper right and the picture I took last summer is on the left.

I got to Stone just as one of the brewery tours was ending and the gift shop was packed. Stone runs a good operation. There was plenty of staff and despite the crowd, I was in and out of the gift shop in about five minutes. Stone's staff was unfazed by the rush of thirsty people.

I was conflicted in my growler fill choice, as Stone also had its first collaboration beer with Alesmith and Mikkeller available. This beer is a Belgian tripel. I did not choose it (and have buyer's remorse) because I bought the bottle of the Sawyer's Triple and did not want to double up on triples. Now I have an excuse to go back to the Bistro, but suspect this beer is rarely available.


Dave said...

I can't wait to stop by there in August. Hey bud I have some stuff for you. I'm going to send it out this week. Email me your address

Rational Realist said...

On visiting Stone, be ready for a unique experience and a big bill (at least relative to other brewpubs). But it's totally worth it - best dining I've had at any brewpub. The negative comments, in my opinion, tend to be from people expecting typical brewpub fare and prices. Stone does not play that tired game, and if you're expecting it you'll be disappointed. I would recommend allotting several hours at Stone - i.e. don't try to cram trips to Green Flash, The Lost Abbey and Pizza Ports and others all in the same day - to get the full benefit. A late August afternoon that turns into evening while sitting out in the Stone Gardens would be awesome. I will email you my address.