Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Venetian Brew

Went to the Venetian in Point Loma last night for a quick pizza and salad. I tried its private label Venetian Brew. Here is a picture:

Guess who makes it? I guessed the contract brewery after one taste - Karl Strauss. I was told it was an unfiltered amber ale, which means it could be anything. Looking at the picture and its big carbonation bubbles, lack of head and funky brown color it could even be root beer. Note the awful pour, this must be a good twelve ounces, and I have not even had a taste.

This beer had me wishing I had picked the Ballast Point Pale Ale, Fat Tire or a real root beer. The Venetian for years carried Ballast Point's Calico Ale, which is a solid beer. I wish it would go back to this selection. I saw the Venetian Brew on the menu a month ago and did not try it because the waitress was coy about its origin. Now I know why.

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