Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Visit to Stone World Bistro and Gardens

Went to Stone's World Bistro and Gardens earlier this month. Excellent (and pricey) as always. Here is a picture of Stone's Cali-Belgique beer. I think it is a Belgian-style IPA, notice the opaque, almost milky look to it. It was unique, but good.

The second picture is Port's State Beach Blond. I read on BeerAdvocate before we went that it had been kegged the day before. It was fresh and good. A perfect summer beer.

I also tasted a couple of sours, one from Craftsman. I am not that big of a sour fan, and I don't think I am that big a fan of Craftsman. Extreme beers for the sake of extreme beers, is, to me, what Craftsman creates, based on a small sampling of its beers. Drinkability, it seems to me, is a secondary consideration. I like drinkable extreme beers.

I also had a taster of Stone's XII Anniversary Bitter Chocolate Stout. This is good, bitter from the dark chocolate, not hops. This beer goes very well with vanilla ice cream.

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