Monday, July 1, 2013

Alpine Email

I received an Alpine Beer Company email this afternoon and here, from the email, is information on upcoming releases:

On July 5th, we are announcing the release of “Red Card,” our hoppy 6.5% abv red ale made exclusively for major soccer tournaments. We even dry-hop this smooth ale, which happens to compliment a wide array of foods. Spicy meats to creamy pastas go with “Red Card” exquisitely. Available for growler fills and on draught in the Pub, it’s not bottled.

Another in our specialty beer lineup being released will be “Ugly” on July 16th. “Ugly” is our Black IPA, a new beer style that’s hoppy and dark. Ours is 7.5% abv. This gem highlights mild roasty malt notes along with some fancy American hoppy punch. I’m sure we can get our kitchen to pair a nice weekend special with our precious “Ugly.”
I am going to have to figure out how to get some of that hoppy red ale.