Thursday, September 8, 2016

Must Read From Modern Times

Here is blog post from Modern Times' Jacob McKean rebutting an article from Serious Eats on recent craft brewery acquisitions by macro breweries.  The Serious Eats article by Aaron Goldfarb (formerly writer of the Vice Blog beer blog) is an overall positive article on how macro purchases of craft brewers benefit the small, purchased craft brewers.  McKean has seven points where he corrects claims in the Goldfarb piece, like how being sold gives the acquired craft brewers access to capital, and hops, and quality control.  The piece while scathing, is not a bash on Goldfarb, but gives a strong craft perspective to the banal macro narrative.  McKean ends with this gem:
Here’s the truth: selling to a macro-brewer is the fastest, simplest way to turn equity in a craft brewery into cash. That’s the only reason to sell to them. Anyone who claims otherwise is full of shit.