Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Everything But The Beer

Kilowatt Beer Company's Ocean Beach tasting room opens this weekend.  A West Coaster article from yesterday discusses Kilowatt's new space and the crowded Ocean Beach beer scene.  We learn about Kilowatt's artistic owners and how the new tasting room, transformed from a motorcycle repair shop, will not only reflect their artistic aesthetic but pay tribute to past Ocean Beach artist Clint Cary, the Spaceman of OB.  We also learn that there are four tasting rooms in the "out-there community," with two on the way, including Kilowatt, in addition to a new restaurant that houses a tasting room for Northern California's Golden State Brewery, and two breweries, Ocean Beach Brewing and Pizza Port.  Kilowatt drops among some serious beer options. 

One thing the article lacked was any description of Kilowatt's beer, and it concerns me   Does it have a specialty style?  Does it make a stellar beer or two?  How will it standout?   The art is cool, but the Culture Brewing and Mike Hess tasting rooms proudly show an ever changing selection of local artists, too.  I am all for more tasting rooms, they have become local meeting spots in a beach town with a number of dive bars, and I want Kilowatt to succeed.  I just want to know what I can expect in terms of beer quality.  Since West Coaster avoided Kilowatt's beers, I'll have to go try them myself.