Friday, December 29, 2017

Demise of the Bomber

The craft beer industry constantly evolves, which is necessary for its growth and survival.  The decline of craft beers being produced in 22 oz bombers is one trend that makes me sad.  I get that their heavy shipping weight and awkward size gives distributors headaches, and that cans are lighter and more effective, but bombers opened many beers to me.  I like cans, but I always pause before I buy a four- or six-pack of a beer I have not previously tried, afraid of being stuck with beers I don't want to drink.  With a bomber, it is just a one beer commitment, and if the beer stinks you only have to struggle through one and are not left wondering what to do with the remaining three or five crap beers.  Plus, the financial commitment is usually smaller with a bomber.  It is ironic that while more beer than ever is being brewed, I seem to try fewer and fewer beers.  I know the abundance of tasting rooms that have opened near my house over the past few years has lead me to try less beer, but having fewer choices in bombers has also curtailed beer experimentation.