Monday, September 29, 2008

Texas Barbeque

I went to Rudy's "Country Store" & Bar-B-Q two weeks ago in Round Rock. I had no beer, but sure had some good Bar-B-Q. I just checked Rudy's home page and it is a regional chain of barbecue joints, some that are company owned and some that are franchised. I went to a franchised location, not that it matters or that I could tell the difference. Here is a picture of the counter where you order your food cafeteria-style:

I like Texas barbecue, especially brisket. It's all beef and no bone. Rudy's carries ribs, too, but in Texas one has to get the brisket. Notice the big tub before the counter, it's filled with ice cold beer and soda. I had been to this exact restaurant about four years ago and could not remember its name. This, and other Rudy's locations are unique in that they, like the original, are attached to a gas station. I am glad I made it back to Rudy's and that I now remember its name, because I sure had not forgotten its food. Now, if Texas could only make a beer as good as its brisket....

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What's Up With Texas?

I was in Houston yesterday. I cruised around to several restaurants in the George Bush Airport, including Continental's President's Room, to check for good beers and saw no decent beers. Texas is a cool state, but it sure sucks for beer. When Zeigenbock, what ever the hell it is, is the most exciting beer in an airport, you know the beer scene sucks. Zeigenbock, if I am even spelling it right, is the "different" beer in Austin's and Houston's airports, and it bites - all malt and no flavor. The other options were - what else - Bud and its little sister Bud Lite, along with the obligatory Heineken. For such a macho state, Texas sure has sissy beers. Come on Texas, you are better than this. The great Texas barbecue (Texas-style brisket is my favorite barbecue) and Tex-Mex cuisine scream for beer that can match their flavor. And don't even mention Shiner Bock or Lone Star, Texas' gifts to the beer world, as they are too anemic to stand up to Texas' best food.

Friday, September 19, 2008

New Sculpin

I had my first Sculpin from the new batch last night. The consensus from reviews and comments on BeerAdvocate is that the new batch is not as good as last Spring's. If that's the case, I sure could not tell, it was excellent.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


The troubles in financial markets have taken most of my blogging time. I did get to Ballast Point last night an picked up three bottles of Sculpin to enjoy when the markets sort themselves out. I plan to finally make it to The Lost Abbey tomorrow night to get my six bottles of beer. I hope to post on Sculpin and The Lost Abbey later in the weekend, markets permitting.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The IPA That Wasn't

Another title for this post could have been "Tastes Like Puke." After a business trip to Northern California a few weeks ago (that included a brief stop at Russian River), I stopped in at the Pyramid pub in the Oakland Airport. I tried Pyramid's Thunderhead IPA. The beer was undrinkable and had a faint aftertaste of puke. Here is a picture of the vile brew. While the pour sucks, the beer looks pretty inviting and gave no indication of the looming disaster in the glass. I am thinking that I may have not even had the Thunderhead because the beer did not even taste like an IPA. Not sure what else it could have been becuase Utter Shit is not a beer style. It had no hop bitterness and no corresponding sweetness or floral flavors. The only thing I remember was the vomit aftertaste. I could not even drink the beer. Pure swill.

Sculpin Returns!

I did make it to Ballast Point on Friday (my consolation for not visiting The Lost Abbey) and was told that Sculpin should be available at the end of the week. This is great news, as Sculpin is a wonderful IPA. I have posted on it before, and this beer is great fresh. It will, apparently, have a small bottle run and be available in draft. I remember being told at Ballast Point that Sculpin is going to be one (or maybe the only) beer that Ballast Point will serve at the Great American Beer Festival.

O for 2

I did not make it to either The Lost Abbey or Alpine Brewing over the weekend. My six beer shipment should be in the mail. I don't know when I will have the opportunity to visit Alpine again as it's a thirty-mile drive and on the way to no where I go.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Alpine Brewing

I plan to visit Alpine Brewing Saturday afternoon. This will be my first visit. (I know, pretty lame for the Beer Rover.) I want a growler for sure. I subscribe to Alpine's email but deleted the most recent so I am not sure what is available. I will post, hopefully with pictures, of what I buy.

The Saints Come Marching In

I am off to San Marcos tomorrow afternoon to pickup my double Patron Saint shipment of The Lost Abbey beers. As noted previously, this is six beers. Of course I will get a growler or two for consumption this weekend.