Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Gift Horse's Mouth

We went to dinner at The Blue Parrot Bar and Grill in Ocean Beach last night. Monday has happy hour all day with $3.00 pints and $2.50 tacos. It's a good deal. I have talked about The Blue Parrot and its twenty-plus taps before. You have to love a taco shop that serves up North Coast's Parnqster and Le Merle, Stone's Sublimely Self Righteous and a host of other great beers. With all the great beers I probably should not complain, but I will. First, the Beer Rovette feels the restaurant is dirty. I am blinded by the tap list, but it's hard to argue with her when tables are always sticky. My second complaint is the faux pint glasses and sloppy pours. The picture on the right is Pranqster, which must be about 12 ozs. For $3.00 I don't make a stink but I call out all the restaurants that give fake pints, so I need to be consistent. I don't like the trend of these sneaky non-pint glasses. Restaurants need to let people know the pint glasses are fake. Heck, why not offer two sizes, a real pint and 12 oz glass. (The picture on the left is Green Flash's Hop Head Red and the pour was better than the Panqster.)

I like the food at The Blue Parrot (usually getting it to go) but have a hard time paying non-happy hour prices for an almost pint. You'd think that a restaurant with more than twenty taps has a passion for beer and that this passion would translate to a real pint glass. The Blue Parrot is always packed so not too many people are upset about the fat bottomed pints.

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