Sunday, July 19, 2009

NY Times English Pub (and Beer) Article

Here is a good article on pubs in and around Cotswolds. The article is well written and makes you want to go to England. The author discusses Hook Norton Ales. I have never heard of Hook Norton (not that that is a great surprise) but its beers sound good and all look like session ales. (BeerAdvocate reviewers don't have the same opinion as the ranking of the Hook Norton beers are Bs and Cs.) It is strange how the pubs in England are owned by the brewers (not to be confused with brew pubs). It would be like having Anheuser Busch and Coors owning the majority of the bars in the U.S. That would be awful. I think England is on the cusp of a beer revolution as publicans demand better beer and more selection.

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