Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hit By A Boomerang

I like finding new restaurants that have good tap lists. I have not conducted a scientific study, but my anecdotal research shows that restaurants with good tap lists usually have decent food. (And if the food sucks, at least you can have a good beer.) Tonight we went to Boomerangs Gourmet Burger Joint in the Clairemont area of San Diego. It had excellent hamburgers, made to order with a variety of toppings and mixtures. It had plenty of side dishes and appetizers, and all were served in a relaxed atmosphere.

Boomerangs had fifteen taps. It had some clunkers, like Bud Light and some other AB distributed beer, but it also had Stone's Smoked Porter and IPA, Alesmith's X Extra Pale Ale, Oskar's Mama's Little Yella Pils and Bear Republic's Red Rocket Ale. Not too darn bad, but it gets better. Every night from 4:00 to 7:00 is happy hour and the 22 oz beers are $4.75.

I had the Red Rocket Ale. I like this beer, it's one of my favorite red ales. It has plenty of hops and I noticed a smokey flavor in the finish. The Beer Rovette had the Little Yella Pils, which I tasted and was good, too. It did not have the skunk taste so many pilsners tend to have. It was light but flavorful. I think I will be heading back to Boomerangs in the near future.

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