Saturday, July 25, 2009

Beer Solves All Problems

Pete Brown's brilliant post on why beer is so important is here. I liked this section:
Why would Obama invite both men for "a beer here in the White House" rather than simply invite them to get round a table and discuss it without stipulating what refreshments were on offer? We all know why. But I'll spell it out anyway.

Because beer is the most sociable drink in the world.

Because in every single culture where beer is drunk, to invite someone to share a beer with you is not just politeness; it symbolises an offer of friendship. It's a clear statement that when you meet, this will not be a formal negotiation or dressing down, but a more relaxed meeting of equals.
I have a few suggestions on what beer serve. Arrogant Bastard would be an excellent starter followed by some much needed Tongue Buckler.

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