Saturday, July 14, 2007

Where's Yulesmith?

Alesmith Brewing makes a holiday ale, Yulesmith, which is an Imperial Red Ale. It is a good beer. Around the 4th of July it releases a second version of Yulesmith, which is a Double IPA. It's Christmas in July for beer lovers. So far this year I have been unable to put my hands on one. None of the grocery stores, liquor stores or markets in my area have had any. I was in Pasadena last weekend and the BevMo there did not have any (but it did have an Avery 14th Anniversary, but that is for another post since I have not tasted it yet). I know I can get it directly from the brewery, but it's almost thirty minutes away and its retail hours are limited to a few hours on Friday and Saturday afternoons.

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