Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Punting in Portland

I took a working mini-vacation to Portland, Oregon with the family in mid-August and passed on Portland's craft beer offerings. My wife did not want me to drag her and my girls to a brewery so I did not push the matter. I did make a late night trek to a Whole Foods and picked up a Pelican Pub & Brewery IPA that I have not drank yet. (Ironically, my one chance for a detour involved Pelican Pub. We went to the coast and my wife was up for the detour to Pacific City, but I passed, partly due to not wanting to be tempted to drink (as I had to drive the two hours back to Portland) and partly due to not wanting to force the craft beer issue. A buddy brought some Pelican beers down from Oregon last year I really enjoyed them.) There will be other chances to visit Portland so I am not that disappointed.

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